Prestwick Airport Movements for January 2020
Last update 31/01/20 21:08

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Wednesday 1 January 2020
86-0038 KC10 USAF RCH105 arr 1325
165161 C130T USN CNV6530 arr 1422 dep 1515
OK-EAS BE400 TIE005Y arr 1655ish

LX-VCI B747-8 CLX37B
F-GUOB B777-2F AFR6739

Thursday 2 January 2020
86-0038 KC10 USAF RCH105 dep 1220ish
OK-EAS BE400 TIE030Y dep 1415
N11CR EMB500 arr 0807ish dep 0842ish & arr 0950ish dep 1036ish
OE-LQA A319 EJU9040 arr 2010ish

Friday 3 January 2020
SE-MAM BAeATP SWN037K/037P arr 0130ish dep 0215ish
LN-LNI B787-9 NAX8986 arr 1445ish
9H-VFF CL605 VJT551 arr 2020ish

Saturday 4 January 2020
SE-MAM BAeATP SWN037K/037P arr 0135ish dep 0214ish
9H-VFF CL605 VJT551 dep 1320ish
ZM404 A400M RAF RRR467 training

Sunday 5 January 2020
N925WP BE350 arr 1844ish
G-EZOM A320 EZY9001 arr 2213ish

LX-LCL B747-4 CLX38F

Monday 6 January 2020
N925WP BE350 dep 1016ish
ZZ343 A330-2 RAF RRR2171 arr 1627ish

LX-VCK B747-8 CLX74K

Tuesday 7 January 2020
ZZ343 A330-2 RAF RRR2172 dep 0850ish
SE-MAM BAeATP SWN037K/037P arr 0135ish dep 0215ish
N940DF TMB940 arr 1000ish dep 1042ish

Wednesday 8 January 2020
OE-LQA A319 EJU9044 dep 1932ish
09-9207 C17 USAF RCH747 arr 1320ish
CS-GLG BD700 NJE8NJ arr 1700ish dep 1957ish
95-3058 C146A (DO328) USAF RCH1041 arr 1820ish
OE-LKC A319 EJU9043 arr 1826ish

F-GUOC B777-2F AFR6739
LX-VCH B747-8 CLX37B

Thursday 9 January 2020
G-EZOM A320 EZY9010 dep 1955
09-9207 C17 USAF RCH747 dep 0819ish
95-3058 C146A (DO328) USAF RCH1041 dep 1043ish
98-0051 C17 USAF RCH472 arr 0156
G-OSRB B727-2 BRO27T arr 1320ish dep 1428ish
G-EZBU A319 EZY9003 arr 1822ish
ZM415 A400M RAF RRR465 training

Friday 10 January 2020
98-0051 C17 USAF RCH472 dep 0333ish
EC-JKH EMB120 SWT5GL arr 0205ish dep 1601ish GLA div
177703 CC177 CFC4020 arr 0550ish dep 1010ish & arr 2030ish as CFC4021
01-0030 C7A USAF VALOR30 training
16-5880 C130J USAF RCH607 arr 1155ish dep 1305ish
07-7174 C17 USAF RCH984 arr 1310ish dep 1531ish

F-GUOB B777-2F AFR6731
LX-VCM B747-8 CLX7794

Saturday 11 January 2020
177703 CC177 CFC
G-CKWA B787-9 NRS8982 arr 0623
900530 C26D USN CNV6611 arr 1611ish

Sunday 12 January 2020
177703 CC177 CFC
900530 C26D USN CNV6611 dep 095?
15002 CC150 CFC4118 arr 2206ish

LX-VCJ B747-8 CLX38F

Monday 13 January 2020
177703 CC177 CFC4021 dep 0300ish
15002 CC150 CFC4118 dep 0033ish
G-IASB BE200 MDI01 arr 0922ish dep 0944ish
PH-EZW EMB190 KLM55C/1478 arr 1705ish dep 1812ish GLA div

LX-MCL B747-4 CLX74K

Tuesday 14 January 2020
97-0044 C17 USAF RCH247 arr 0512ish dep 2210
177704 CC177 CFC4021 arr 0817ish dep 102? & arr 2255ish as CFC4022
00-0185 C17 USAF RCH401 arr 0845ish
84-0087 C21 USAF VALOR11 arr 1320ish dep 1646ish
G-EZDF A319 EZY9001 arr 1839ish

Wednesday 15 January 2020
LN-LNI B787-9 NAX8982 dep 2015ish
00-0185 C17 USAF RCH401 dep 0404ish
177704 CC177 CFC4022 dep 0448
M-SAIL PC12 arr 0910ish
97-0044 C17 USAF RCH247 arr 1646ish

LX-RCV B747-4 CLX37B
F-FUOB B777-2F AFR6739

Thursday 16 January 2020
G-EZDF A319 EZY9001 dep 2129
M-SAIL PC12 dep 1809ish
97-0044 C17 USAF RCH247 dep 1017ish
177704 CC177 CFC4022 arr 0230ish
OY-AWH PC12 arr 0910ish
M-ABEU LJ45 arr 1605ish dep 1655ish
OE-IVO A320 EJU9045 srr 2028ish

Friday 17 January 2020
177704 CC177 CFC
OY-AWH PC12 dep 1600ish
05-5140 C17 USAF RCH221 arr 0703ish dep 2337
LN-LNX B787-9 NAX8985 arr 0705ish
M-ABJA LJ45 arr 1220ish dep 1330ish
165379 C130T USN CNV6515 arr 1250ish dep 144?
ZM416 A400M RAF training
177705 CC177 CFC4004 arr 2255ish

F-GUOC B777-2F AFR6731
LX-VCF B747-8 CLX42K

Saturday 18 January 2020
G-CKWA B787-9 NRS8987 dep 1122ish
OE-LKC A319 EJU9043 dep 2004ish
177704 CC177 CFC
177705 CC177 CFC
15+04 A321 GAF880 training
165834 C40A USN CNV6618 arr 1150ish dep 1234ish
08-8199 C17 USAF RCH415 arr 1650ish
OE-LQG A319 EJU9042 arr 1855ish

Sunday 19 January 2020
177705 CC177 CFC4004 dep 0939ish
177704 CC177 CFC4022 dep 1027ish & arr 2125ish as CFC4023
08-8199 C17 USAF RCH415 dep 1100ish
05-5140 C17 USAF RCH221 arr 1129ish dep 1336
5N-FGT B737-7BBJ NGR001 arr 1526ish dep 1811ish
N665ML BE350 arr 1541ish

LX-GCL B747-4 CLX38F

Monday 20 January 2020
OE-IVO A320 EJU9041 dep 2018ish
177704 CC177 CFC4023 dep 0547ish
N665ML BE350
85-0005 C5M USAF RCH296 arr 1828ish
OE-LKK A319 EJU9040 arr 1856ish
4K-SW800 B747-4 AZG3119/3120 arr 1910ish dep 2108ish

LX-VCK B747-8 CLX74K

Tuesday 21 January 2020
N665ML BE350 dep 0907ish
85-0005 C5M USAF
UR-82029 AN124 ADB2853 arr 0038ish dep 1846ish
07-7187 C17 USAF RCH981 arr 0106ish
60+07 P3 GNY4522 flypast circa 1210ish
G-SKAL CE560XL VCG2AL arr 1240ish
165379 C130T USN CNV6620 arr 1256ish dep 1413ish
10+23 A310 GAF805 arr 1300ish
09-9210 C17 USAF RCH316 arr 1945ish
06-6166 C17 USAF RCH470 arr 2152ish
83-0081 KC10 USAF RCH560 arr 2243ish

Wednesday 22 January 2020
85-0005 C5M USAF
07-7187 C17 USAF RCH981 dep 2117ish
G-SKAL CE560XL VCG1AL dep 1401ish
10+23 A310 GAF805 dep 1008ish
09-9210 C17 USAF RCH316 dep 1814ish
06-6166 C17 USAF RCH470 dep 1649ish
83-0081 KC10 USAF RCH560 dep 0046
OE-LKK A319 EJU9041 dep 1913ish
G-BGRE BE200 MBE03 arr 0925 dep 1555ish
08-8192 C17 USAF RCH533 arr 1750ish

F-GUOB B777-2F AFR6739
LX-VCK B747-8 CLX37B

Thursday 23 January 2020
85-0005 C5M USAF RCH296 dep 1202ish
08-8192 C17 USAF RCH533 dep 1145ish
03-3126 C17 USAF RCH922 arr 0344ish
61-0264 KC135R USAF RCH433 arr 0626ish
177704 CC177 CFC4023 arr 0630ish dep 0926ish & arr 2015ish as CFC4024
10-0220 C17 USAF RCH210 arr 1330ish

Friday 24 January 2020
03-3126 C17 USAF RCH922 dep 1832ish
61-0264 KC135R USAF RCH433 dep 0621ish
177704 CC177 CFC4024 dep 0355ish
10-0220 C17 USAF RCH210 dep 0910ish
9H-VCF CL350 VJT486 arr 0926ish dep 1042ish
HB-VXB PC24 arr 1137ish dep 1215
06-6158 C17 USAF RCH412 arr 1812ish
G-EZDD A319 EZY9004 arr 1816ish
99-0062 C17 USAF RCH448 arr 1840ish
09-9210 C17 USAF RCH612 arr 1907ish

F-GUOC B777-2F AFR6731
LX-VCH B747-8 CLX74J
LX-VCL B747-8 CLX42K

Saturday 25 January 2020
LN-LNX B787-9 NAX8982 dep 2224
06-6158 C17 USAF RCH412 dep 1305ish
09-9210 C17 USAF RCH612 dep 1327ish
99-0062 C17 USAF RCH448 dep 1333ish
07-7175 C17 USAF RCH154 arr 0228ish dep 1937ish
10-0223 C17 USAF RCH191 arr 0302ish dep 2124
G-CKWB B787-9 NRS8984 arr 0604
177704 CC177 CFC4024 arr 0622ish dep 1024ish & arr 2004ish as CFC4025
04-4134 C17 USAF RCH161 arr 0712ish
F-RAFP DA900 CTM1280 arr 1150ish dep 1310ish
G-SUEM DA42 arr 1205ish dep 1339
10-0220 C17 USAF RCH210 arr 2208

Sunday 26 January 2020
OE-LQG A319 EJU9043 dep 2116
10-0220 C17 USAF RCH210 dep 0020
04-4134 C17 USAF RCH161 dep 0155
177704 CC177 CFC4025 dep 1030ish
07-7177 C17 USAF RCH525 arr 0047 dep 1813ish
62-3511 KC135R USAF RCH347 arr 0650ish
59-1483 KC135R USAF RCH236 arr 0710ish
62-3575 KC135R USAF RCH401 arr 1240ish
58-0120 KC135R USAF RCH406 arr 1327ish
57-1432 KC135R USAF RCH145 arr 1400ish
ZZ335 A330-2 RAF RRR2301 arr 1430ish dep 1603
ZM407 A400M RAF RRR480 arr 1155 dep 1500ish
ZM417 A400M RAF RRR481 training
03-3126 C17 USAF RCH111 arr 1830
OE-LKB A319 EJU9042 arr 2001

LX-UCV B747-4 CLX38F

Monday 27 January 2020
62-3511 KC135R USAF RCH347 dep 0835ish
59-1483 KC135R USAF
62-3575 KC135R USAF RCH401 dep 1206ish
58-0120 KC135R USAF RCH406 dep 1032ish
57-1432 KC135R USAF RCH145 dep 1048ish
03-3126 C17 USAF RCH111 dep 123?
04-4137 C17 USAF RCH698 arr 0140ish dep 1938
10-0215 C17 USAF RCH655 arr 0155ish dep 2335ish
07-7188 C17 USAF RCH256 arr 0215ish dep 1928ish
07-7178 C17 USAF RCH796 arr 0310ish dep 2053
06-6154 C17 USAF RCH252 arr 0935ish
G-IASB BE200 MDI01 arr 0938ish dep 1000ish
HB-FRJ PC12 PCH931 c/n 1931 arr 1120ish dep 1241ish
9H-VCK CL350 VJT405 arr 1449ish

LX-VCN B747-8 CLX74K


Tuesday 28 January 2020
59-1483 KC135R USAF
06-6154 C17 USAF RCH252 dep 0913ish
9H-VCK CL350 VJT405 dep 0700ish
G-EZDD A319 EZY9002 dep 2003
130609 CC130J CFC4272 arr 0405ish
99-0169 C17 USAF RCH745 arr 0415ish dep 2250
10-0223 C17 USAF RCH838 arr 0500ish dep 235?
M-SAIL PC12 arr 0950ish
12-5760 MC130J USAF STRIX41 training
99-0168 C17 USAF RCH880 arr 1324ish
04-4137 C17 USAF RCH698 arr 1355ish
07-7188 C17 USAF RCH256 arr 1605ish
07-7185 C17 USAF RCH220 arr 1830ish
G-EZIH A319 EZY9001 arr 1835

Wednesday 29 January 2020
59-1483 KC135R USAF RCH236 dep 0843ish
130609 CC130J CFC4272 dep 1406ish
M-SAIL PC12 dep 1851
99-0168 C17 USAF RCH880 dep 0537ish
04-4137 C17 USAF RCH698 dep 1135ish
07-7188 C17 USAF RCH256 dep 0912ish
07-7185 C17 USAF RCH220 dep 1230ish
00-0180 C17 USAF RCH165 arr 0???
02-1112 C17 USAF RCH595 arr 0740ish
G-KION CE525 EDC317 arr 1540ish dep 1700ish
10-0223 C17 USAF RCH838 arr 1849

F-GUOC B777-2F AFR6739
LX-VCH B747-8 CLX37B

Thursday 30 January 2020
G-EZIH A319 EZY9003 dep 1930
00-0180 C17 USAF RCH165 dep 0045ish
02-1112 C17 USAF RCH595 dep 0347ish
10-0223 C17 USAF RCH838
99-0168 C17 USAF RCH880/171 arr 0023 dep 1939
06-6163 C17 USAF RCH428 arr 0158ish dep 2009
08-8194 C17 USAF RCH249 arr 0231ish dep 1933
07-7188 C17 USAF RCH416 arr 0338ish dep 2132
02-1109 C17 USAF RCH230 arr 0830ish
10-0216 C17 USAF RCH337 arr 0952ish
06-6160 C17 USAF RCH846 arr 1431ish
130609 CC130J CFC4272 arr 1612ish
G-EZBR A319 EZY9004 arr 1816ish
ZG995 BN2 AAC526 training

LX-VCK B747-8 CLX74J

Friday 31 January 2020
G-CKWB B787-9 NAX8984 dep 1612ish
10-0223 C17 USAF RCH838 dep 1115ish
02-1109 C17 USAF RCH230 dep 0303ish
10-0216 C17 USAF RCH337 dep 1002ish
06-6160 C17 USAF RCH846 dep 1915ish
130609 CC130J CFC4272 dep 1105ish
G-CKWS B787-9 NRS8983 arr 0652
07-7175 C17 USAF RCH320 arr 1046ish
07-7188 C17 USAF RCH416 arr 1723
06-6168 C17 USAF RCH112 arr 2010ish

LX-VCM B747-8 CLX42K
Last update 31/01/2020 21:08

Disclaimer: most of the above data is taken from SBS Mode-S believe at your own risk.

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Credits this month = PAMG: Allan Caldwell: Pete Smith: Alistair Dickson: Bill Hyslop: Ian Howat

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