Prestwick Airport Movements for July 2020
Last update 31/07/20 20:08

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Wednesday 1 July 2020
84-0120 C21A USAF RCH795 dep 0620ish
KAF343 C17 KAF3201 dep 1350ish
96-00108 UC35A PAT367A dep 1145ish
63-13186 C130E TUAF403
57-2605 KC135 USAF QID89 training
G-ETPK RJ70 ETP88 arr 1254ish dep 1411ish
M-SAIL PC12 arr 1249ish dep 1415ish
ZZ334 A330-2 RAF RRR2173 arr 1749 dep 1900ish
130616 CC130J CFC4270 ar 2335

F-GUOB B777-2F AFR6739
9H-QDM B737-8 RYR697V/21JN arr 1048ish dep 1128ish

Thursday 2 July 2020
63-13186 C130E TUAF403 dep 0900ish
130616 CC130J CFC
08-8190 C17 USAF RCH811 arr 1406ish dep 1608ish
ZZ330 A330-2 RAF RRR2176/2177 arr 1101ish dep 1219ish & RRR2178/2179 arr 1604ish dep 1723ish
15002 CC150 CFC4108 arr 1755ish dep 1940ish

LX-VCJ B747-8 CLX74J

Friday 3 July 2020
130616 CC130J CFC4270 dep 0946ish
F-HSTB EMB135BJ VLJ254C arr 1114ish dep 1201ish
D-ICCC CE406 TWG200/100 arr 1256ish dep 1340ish
A7-MAA C17 LHOB242 arr 1441ish nightstop
HB-FSM PC12 PCH020 c/n 2020 arr 1632ish

F-GUOC B777-2F AFR6731
LX-VCD B747-8 CLX42K

Saturday 4 July 2020
HB-FSM PC12 PC020 dep 0855ish
A7-MAA C17 LHOB242 dep 1030ish
144617 CC144 CFC3946 arr 1946ish
130616 CC130J CFC4270 arr 2305

Sunday 5 July 2020
144617 CC144 CFC3946 dep 1435
130616 CC130J CFC4270 dep 1519
ZZ343 A330-2 RAF RRR2436/2437 arr 1900 dep 2025ish
15003 CC150 CFC4109 arr 2330ish

9H-QEP B737-8 RYR697V/21JN

Monday 6 July 2020
15003 CC150 CFC4109 dep 0117
08-8190 C17 USAF RCH470 arr 0627ish dep 0825ish
D-CAAN DO328 arr 1220ish dep 1331
HB-FSN PC12 PCH021 c/n 2021 arr 1328ish dep 1415
84-0060 C5M USAF RCH874 arr 1948ish dep 2241ish

Tuesday 7 July 2020
ZG998 BN2 AAC585 training
13-5778 MC130J USAF STRIX49 training circa 1420
12-5760 MC130J USAF STRIX47 training circa 1420
15003 CC150 CFC4109 arr 18?? dep 19??

Wednesday 8 July 2020
HB-FSO PC12 PCH022 c/n 2022 arr 1236ish dep 1415
08-8201 C17 USAF RCH605 arr 2230ish

LX-VCG B747-8 CLX37B

9H-QBZ B737-8 RYR697V/21JN

Thursday 9 July 2020
08-8201 C17 USAF RCH605 dep 0047ish
15003 CC150 CFC4116 arr 0010ish dep 0135
12-5760 MC130J USAF STRIX44 training
59-1513 KC135R USAF QID89 training
OY-AWH PC12 arr 1040ish
ZZ172 C17 RAF RRR840 training
N940B TBM940 arr 1210 dep 1319
EJ-AWES CL605 SON001 training
ZM404 A400M RAF COMET465 training

Friday 10 July 2020
OY-AWH PC12 dep 0735ish
M-ABGV LJ45 arr 0238ish dep 0336ish
15003 CC150 CFC4116 arr 1338ish dep 1514ish
84-0125 C21 USAF RCH796 arr 1404ish dep 1529ish
KAF343 C17 KAF3205 arr 1512ish

F-GUOC B777-2F AFR6731
LX-VCI B747-8 CLX42K

Saturday 11 July 2020
KAF343 C17 KAF3205 dep 1044ish
A7-MAA C17 LHOB242 arr 0606
ZM408 A400M RAF RRR487 training
165379 C130T USN CNV3502 arr 1913ish

Sunday 12 July 2020
165379 C130T USN CNV3502 dep 1112ish
OY-AWH PC12 arr 1132ish dep 1243ish
96-7322 C130H USAF RCH225 arr 1456
130616 CC130J CFC2573 arr 2135ish

LX-VCG B747-8 CLX38F

9H-QDH B737-8 RYR697V/21JN

Monday 13 July 2020
A7-MAA C17 LHOB242 dep 1230ish
96-7322 C130H USAF
130616 CC130J CFC2573 dep 1801ish
ZM408 A400M RAF COMET451 training
ZG998 BN2 AAC515 training
95-6709 C130H USAF RCH226 arr 1657ish
G-JMCS B737-4 NPT04P dep 1701ish
280 PC12 IRL280 touch & go RW30 at 1822
M-ABJA LJ45 arr 2319ish

LX-VCC B747-8 CLX74K

Tuesday 14 July 2020
96-7322 C130H USAF RCH225 dep 1115ish
95-6709 C130H USAF
M-ABJA LJ45 dep 0015
KAF343 C17 KAF3205 arr 0127ish
SE-MAI BAeATP SWN037K/037P arr 0140ish dep 0241ish
G-CMBC CE550 arr 1202ish dep 1245ish

Wednesday 15 July 2020
95-6709 C130H USAF RCH226 dep 1030ish
KAF343 C17 KAF3205 dep 1235ish
SE-MAO BAeATP SWN037K/037P arr 0135ish dep 0240
CS-GLE BD700 NJE6PM arr 1250ish dep 1434

F-GUOB B777-2F AFR6739
LX-VCL B747-8 CLX37B

9H-QDH B737-8 RYR697V/21JN

Thursday 16 July 2020
03-3123 C17 USAF RCH169 arr 0655ish dep 0826ish
177704 CC177 CFC4002 arr 1134ish
10-0213 C17 USAF RCH500 arr 1215ish
ZZ332 A330-2 RAF RRR2252/2253 arr 1112ish dep 1258ish
12-5760 MC130J USAF STRIX67 training
D-EMDT CE210 arr 1520ish dep 1600ish
ZZ334 A330-2 RAF RRR2254/2255 arr 1635ish dep 1738ish

LX-VCM B747-8 CLX74J

Friday 17 July 2020
EC-IDT B737-8 AEA007 dep 1833ish
177704 CC177 CFC
10-0213 C17 USAF RCH549 dep 0930ish
ZM414 A400M RAF RRR484 training
ZZ330 A330-2 RAF RRR717 arr 0827ish dep 1004ish
177701 CC177 CFC4021 arr 1403ish
UR-CQV AN26 VKA198 arr 2220ish

F-GUOC B777-2F AFR6731
LX-JCV B747-4 CLX42K

Saturday 18 July 2020
177704 CC177 CFC4002 dep 0159
177701 CC177 CFC4021 dep 1110
N475LC GLF4 arr 0106ish dep 1650ish
15003 CC150 CFC4119 arr 0045ish dep 0253
ZG998 BN2 AAC523 training
130608 CC130J CFC4277 arr 2010ish

Sunday 19 July 2020
130608 CC130J CFC
98-0056 C17 USAF RCH846 arr 0634ish dep 0825ish
1228 C17 UAF1230 arr 1100ish
15003 CC150 CFC4119 arr 1227ish dep 1333ish

LX-LCL B747-4 CLX38F

9H-QDL B737-8 RYR697V/21JN

Monday 20 July 2020
1228 C17 UAF1230 dep 0730ish
130608 CC130J CFC4277 dep 0846ish
13-5786 MC130J USAF STRIX67 training
ZM404 A400M RAF COMET451 training

LX-VCC B747-8 CLX74K

Tuesday 21 July 2020
SE-MAI BAeATP SWN037K/037P arr 0145ish dep 0241ish
HB-FSQ PC12 PCH24T c/n 2024 arr 1122ish dep 1226ish
HB-FSR PC12 PCH25R c/n 2025 arr 1133ish dep 1247ish
08-6205 MC130J STRIX67 go around at 1430
130608 CC130J CFC4277 arr 2059ish

Wednesday 22 July 2020
130608 CC130J CFC4277 dep 1503ish
ZM408 A400M RAF RRR487 training
01-0076 C37A USAF VALOR76 training
ZH879 C130J RAF RRR138 training

F-GUOB B777-F AFR6739
LX-VCH B747-8 CLX37B

9H-QAJ B737-8 RYR697V/21JN

Thursday 23 July 2020
1228 C17 UAF1230 arr 0407ish
ZZ333 A330-2 RAF RRR723/724 arr 1100ish dep 1227ish
9H-VJS BD700 VJT929 arr 1517ish dep 1659ish

LX-VCK B747-8 CLX74J

Friday 24 July 2020
1228 C17 UAF1230 dep 0913ish
M-ABJA LJ45 arr 0230ish dep 0324ish
T-055 A330-2 RNAF MMF88 arr 0915ish dep 0955ish
N78MC SR22 arr 1213 dep 1348

F-GUOB B777-2F AFR6731
LX-VCB B747-8 CLX42K

Saturday 25 July 2020
G-RVLG CE406 REV6LG arr 1408ish dep 1440ish
9H-VFH CL605 VJT534 arr 1809ish
M-KNOX CE525M arr 1840ish

Sunday 26 July 2020
9H-VFH CL605 VJT534 dep 1342ish
M-KNOX CE525M dep 1303ish
03-3115 C17 USAF RCH350 arr 0008
ZM415 A400M RAF RRR489 training

LX-VCE B747-8 CLX38F

Sunday 26 July 2020
9H-VFH CL605 VJT534 dep 1342ish
M-KNOX CE525M dep 1303ish
03-3115 C17 USAF RCH350 arr 0008
ZM415 A400M RAF RRR489 training

LX-VCE B747-8 CLX38F

Monday 27 July 2020
03-3115 C17 USAF RCH350 dep 0405
M-ABJA LJ45 arr 0756ish dep 0836
ZM413 A400M RAF COMET451 training

LX-VCC B747-8 CLX74K

Tuesday 28 July 2020
169793 C40A USN CNV4843 arr 1224ish dep 1338ish
CS-GLF BD700 NJE7UM arr 1626ish

Wednesday 29 July 2020
CS-GLF BD700 NJE890N dep 1014ish
M-ABEU LJ45 arr 0034ish dep 0119ish
95-0104 C17 USAF RCH351 arr 1158
N781CD SR20 arr 1300ish dep 1417ish
ZM403 A400M RAF RRR471 training
RA-82043 AN124 VDA3433 arr 1528ish
130606 CC130J CFC2544 arr 1542ish

9H-QDS B737-8 RYR697V/21JN
F-GUOC B777-2F AFR6739
LX-VCB B747-8 CLX37B

Thursday 30 July 2020
130606 CC130J CFC2544 dep 0846ish
95-0104 C17 USAF RCH351 dep 1306ish
RA-82043 AN124 VDA3596 dep 1520ish
01-0029 C37A USAF VALOR29 arr 1100ish dep 1251ish
KAF343 C17 KAF3211 arr 1610ish
164996 C130T USN CNV6529 arr 1653ish dep 1823ish

Friday 31 July 2020
KAF343 C17 KAF3211 dep 1150ish
HB-FST PC12 PCH27 c/n 2027 arr 1120ish dep 1306
C-GEJD LJ45 TLK855 arr 1231ish dep 1335
ZZ332 A330-2 RAF RRR731/732 arr 1536 dep 1652ish
M-KNOX CE525M arr 1735 dep 1758ish
G-CDZT BE200 REV504P arr 1738
CS-LTA CE680A NJE2NS arr 2010ish

LX-VCN B747-8 CLX74J
F-GUOB B777-2 AFR6731
LX-VCJ B747-8 CLX42K
Last update 31/07/20 20:08

Disclaimer: most of the above data is taken from SBS Mode-S believe at your own risk.

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Credits this month = PAMG: Allan Caldwell: Pete Smith: Bill Hyslop

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