Prestwick Airport Movements for September 2020
Last update 01/10/20 21:10

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Tuesday 1 September 2020
ZJ223 AH64D AAC MACHETE dep 0045
ZJ226 AH64D AAC MACHETE dep 0045
ZK560 CH47 RAF LIFTER dep 0050
ZK562 CH47 RAF LIFTER dep 0050
VT-AHI BD700 dep 1307ish
ZZ336 A330-2 RAF RRR901 arr 1055ish dep 1220ish
D-ETPU G120 arr 1303ish dep 1506ish
D-EGAQ G120 arr 1310ish dep 1511ish
D-EGAR G120 arr 1330ish dep 1457ish
ZH889 C130J RAF COMET100 training

Wednesday 2 September 2020
G-JMCL B737-3F NPT037K/037P arr 0118ish dep 0309ish

F-GUOB B777-2F AFR6739
LX-VCK B747-8 CLX37B

Thursday 3 September 2020
G-JMCL B737-3F NPT037K/037P arr 0105ish dep 0149ish
RA-76951 IL76 VDA3563 arr 0055ish
ZZ343 A330-2 RAF RRR2304 arr 0912ish dep 1119ish
ZM402 A400M RAF RRR472 training
ZE701 BAe146-1 NOH99 training
CS-GLZ BD700 NJE3HA/331A arr 1231ish dep 1344ish
ZM333 EMB500 RAF CWL33
ZM335 EMB500 RAF CWL35
N44U BE200 arr 1700ish
CH-11 C130H BAF656 arr 1912ish
C-GRJR P180 arr 2012ish

LX-ECV B747-4 CLX74J

Friday 4 September 2020
RA-76951 IL76 VDA3698 dep 1847ish
CH-11 C130H BAF656 dep 1018ish
C-GRJR P180 dep 0900ish
G-REXA BE200 REV993 arr 1136
HB-FQC PC12 PCH036 c/n 2036 arr 1156ish dep 1306
HB-FQB PC12 PCH035 c/n 2035 arr 1207ish dep 1311
KAF342 C17 KAF3217 arr 1449ish
(N424AG CE208 went through the zone at 3000ft heading south at 1700)
09-0655 MC12W USAF JM26 arr 2210ish dep 2345

LX-VCJ B747-8 CLX42K

Saturday 5 September 2020
KAF342 C17 KAF3217 dep 1055ish
G-REXA BE200 REV993B dep 1820
G-POWU A321 AWC341 arr 0705
2-MCLN SR22T arr 1144
164996 C130T USN CNV6505 arr 1437 dep 1540
CS-GLC BD700 NJE100U arr 1443ish

Sunday 6 September 2020
CS-GLC BD700 NJE4SN dep 1558ish
G-FFFC CE510 SYG129 arr 1042ish dep 1815ish
164996 C130T USN CNV6505/6 arr 1347ish dep 1452ish
130601 CC130J CFC4203 arr 1505
LX-TWO LJ45 LRQ467G arr 2100ish dep 2132ish

LX-VCC B747-8 CLX38F nightstop

Monday 7 September 2020
N44U BE200 dep 1008ish
130601 CC130J CFC4203 dep 0907ish
ZZ173 C17 RAF RRR6692 training
XX198 HAWK RAF SAVAGE01 arr 1545ish dep 1720ish
XX203 HAWK RAF AGRESR02 arr 1545ish dep 1720ish
XX318 HAWK RAF AGRESR03 arr 1545ish dep 1720ish
KAF342 C17 KAF3217 arr 2245ish

LX-VCC B747-8 CLX38F dep 0735ish
LX-NCL B747-4 CLX74K

Tuesday 8 September 2020
KAF342 C17 KAF
2-MCLN SR22 dep 1002ish
SE-MAM BAeATP SWN037K/037P arr 0157ish dep 0252ish
95-6711 C130H USAF RCH175 arr 0202ish
95-6712 C130H USAF RCH176 arr 0223ish
ZZ334 A330-2 RAF RRR2138 arr 1237ish dep 1434ish

Wednesday 9 September 2020
KAF342 C17 KAF32127 dep 1136ish
95-6711 C130H USAF RCH175 dep 1017ish
95-6712 C130H USAF RCH176 dep 1026ish
G-JMCP B737-3F NPT037K/037P arr 0110ish dep 0211ish
G-SAJD EMB145 LOG840P arr 1114ish
I-TOPD BE400 arr 1520ish

F-GUOC B777-2F AFR6739
LX-VCA B747-8 CLX37B

Thursday 10 September 2020
G-POWU A321 AWC painted up as VT-EAL of Indian Airlines for Film shooting purposes
I-TOPD BE400 dep 1442ish
18-46043 KC46A (B767-2) USAF RCH146 arr 0748
G-NICB BE200 CBM66 arr 1020ish
2-PROF R66 arr 1112
A7-CGQ G500 QQE720 arr 1203ish dep 1903ish
93-1040 C130H USAF RCH171 arr 1219
92-0552 C130H USAF RCH170 arr 1222
164994 C130T USN CNV6510 arr 1335ish
G-IPAX CE560XL EDC886 arr 1508ish
ZZ171 C17 RAF RRR816 training

LX-VCM B747-8 CLX74J

Friday 11 September 2020
G-POWU A321 AWC342 dep 0203ish
18-46043 KC46A (B767-2) USAF RCH146 dep 1006ish
G-NICB BE200 CBM66 dep 1529ish
93-1040 C130H USAF
92-0552 C130H USAF
164994 C130T USN CNV6510 dep 0917ish
G-IPAX CE560XL EDC886 dep 0904ish

LX-VCF B747-8 CLX42K

Saturday 12 September 2020
18-46039 KC46A (B767-2) USAF RCH109 arr 0723ish
92-0552 C130H USAF RCH170 dep 1124ish
93-1040 C130H USAF RCH171 dep 1127ish
G-NICB BE200 CBM66 arr 1058ish dep 1152ish

Sunday 13 September 2020
18-46039 KC46A (B767-2) USAF RCH109 dep 0946ish
177702 CC177 CFC4003 arr 0249ish
ZH003 BN2 AAC523 training
N497XP BE400 arr 1020ish dep 1038ish
177703 CC177 CFC4002 arr 1503ish

LX-RCV B747-4 CLX38F

Monday 14 September 2020
177703 CC177 CFC
G-SAJD EMB145 LOG805F dep 1343ish
177702 CC177 CFC4003 dep 1712ish
N418EE EMB500 arr 1041 dep 1128ish
HB-FQD PC12 PCH37F c/n 2037 arr 1150 dep 1248ish
84-0096 C21 USAF VALOR21 arr 1307ish dep 1418ish

LX-VCJ B747-4 CLX74K

Tuesday 15 September 2020
177703 CC177 CFC4002 dep 1100ish
G-JMCU B737-3F NPT037K/037P arr 0120ish dep 0224ish
04-4136 C17 USAF RCH380 arr 1125ish dep 1310ish
168760 P8A USN arr 1651ish dep 1750ish

Wednesday 16 September 2020
G-JMCU B737-3F NPT037K/037P arr 0123ish dep 0240ish
2-JBMF EMB500 arr 0955ish
91-1234 C130H USAF RCH532 arr 1315ish
N497XP BE400 arr 1515ish dep 1553ish
G-JOTD BAe146-3 ENZ347P/347 arr 1550ish dep 1734ish

F-GUOB B777-2F AFR6739
LX-VCD B747-8 CLX37B

Thursday 17 September 2020
91-1234 C130H USAF
OY-AWH PC12 arr 0810ish dep 1126ish
CS-LTF CE680A NJE3VJ arr 1000ish dep 1140ish
ZM333 EMB500 RAF CWL34 arr 1150ish (tech?)
ZM335 EMB500 RAF CWL41 arr 1220ish dep 1610ish
D-ILOU CE525A AWU117A arr 1302ish
12-00281 MC12S USA RONIN26 arr 1311ish dep 1429ish
90-1793 C130H USAF RCH420 arr 1409ish
12-0064 CV22B USAF KNIFE71 arr 1642 dep 17??
9H-VFH CL605 VJT534 arr 1732ish
N854BC SR22 arr & dep
G-FDHS? A109

LX-VCA B747-8 CLX74J

Friday 18 September 2020
91-1234 C130H USAF RCH532 dep 0948ish
2-JBMF EMB500 dep 1804
90-1793 C130H USAF RCH420 dep 1135ish
9H-VFH CL605 VJT534 dep 1831ish
ZZ330 A330-2 RAF RRR2172/2173 arr 0950ish dep 1138ish
G-FRAP DA20 AMBER2/FRA82 arr 1002ish dep 1230ish
168981 C40A USN CNV6618 arr 1225ish dep 1352ish
LX-FPP BE200 WKT33 arr 1353ish dep 1534ish
CS-LTB CE680A NJE3KX arr 1518ish dep 1610ish
ZH003 BN2 AAC523 arr 1627ish dep 1740ish
130608 CC130J CFC4239 arr 1755ish dep 1930ish
N78MC SR22 arr 1806 dep 1917

F-GUOC B777-2F AFR6731
LX-VCK B747-8 CLX42K

Saturday 19 September 2020
G-CDZT BE200 REV657A/657P arr 0505ish dep 0549ish
ZH002 BN2 AAC523 training
LX-FPP BE200 WKT33 arr 1505ish dep 1617ish
N405WK BE350 arr 1533
9H-LXX BD700 VJT708 arr 1833
130614 CC130J CFC4225 arr 2315

Sunday 20 September 2020
N405WK BE350
130614 CC130J CFC
M-ABEU LJ45 arr 1219ish dep 1255ish
130608 CC130J CFC4239 arr 1738ish

LX-GCL B747-4 CLX38F

Monday 21 September 2020
ZM335 EMB500 RAF
N405WK BE350 dep 1008ish
130614 CC130J CFC4225 dep 0910ish
130608 CC130J CFC4239 dep 1228ish
N806MA TBM900 arr 1410ish dep 1509ish

LX-ECV B747-4 CLX74K

Tuesday 22 September 2020
ZM335 EMB500 RAF
G-JMCU B737-3F NPT037K/037P
05-3146 C130J USAF RCH335 arr 0947ish dep 1124ish
06-4631 C130J USAF RCH435 arr 1037ish dep 1209ish
07-46312 C130J USAF RCH635 arr 1047ish dep 1216ish
HB-FRV PC12 PCH29T c/n 2029 arr 1114ish dep 1202ish
N940EM TBM940 arr 1219ish dep 1316ish
G-SNDS SR20 arr 1322ish dep 1444ish

Wednesday 23 September 2020
G-JMCO B737-3F NPT037K/037P
16-5849 C130J USAF RCH196 arr 1130ish dep 1317ish
14-5791 C130J USAF RCH195 arr 1152ish dep 1340ish
164994 C130T CNV6623 arr 1411ish dep 1538ish

F-GUOB B777-2F AFR6739
LX-VCE B747-8 CLX37B

Thursday 24 September 2020
ZM333 EMB500 RAF (tech)
ZZ330 A330-2 RAF RRR928/929 arr 1033ish dep 1205ish
ZM335 EMB500 CWL43 arr & dep
ZM337 EMB500 RAF CWL41 arr & dep
D-IGWT CE525A AWU724G ar 1511 dep 1607ish

LX-LCL B747-4 CLX74J

Friday 25 September 2020
9H-LXX BD700 VJT708 dep 1126ish
F-RARF A330-2 CTM1275 arr 1140ish dep 1200ish
58-0036 KC135R USAF QID569 arr 1352ish

F-GUOB B777-2F AFR6731
LX-VCA B747-8 CLX42K

Saturday 26 September 2020
58-0036 KC135R USAF QID569 dep 17??
17-5867 C130J USAF RCH202 arr 0944ish dep 1204ish
14-5788 C130J USAF RCH100 arr 0953ish dep 1209ish & arr back 182?
168981 C40 USN CNV6625 arr 1215ish dep 1317ish
G-DNOP PA46 arr 1228ish
15005 CC150 CFC3181 arr 1740ish

Sunday 27 September 2020
14-5788 C130J USAF
G-DNOP PA46 dep 1404ish
15005 CC150 CFC3181 dep 1114ish
KAF343 C17 KAF3225 arr 1520ish
ZH872 C130J RAF RRR200 training
ZH847 EH101 RN NVY814 arrived
ZH867 C130J RAF RRR201 arr 1627ish
M-ABGV LJ45 arr 2259 dep 2347ish

LX-GCL B747-4 CLX38F

Monday 28 September 2020
ZM333 EMB500 RAF CWL36 dep 1505ish
ZH872 C130J RAF various sorties
ZH867 C130J RAF various sorties
14-5788 C130J USAF RCH100 dep 1215ish
KAF343 C17 KAF3225 dep 1039ish
ZM337 EMB500 RAF CWL42/36/32
95-6711 C130H USAF RCH175 arr 1135ish
95-6712 C130H USAF RCH176 arr 1140ish
13-5778 C130J USAF STRIX69 training
OY-EUR PC12 arr 1040ish dep 1117ish
HB-FXM PC12 PCH547 arr 1145ish dep 1256ish

LX-NCL B747-4 CLX74K

Tuesday 29 September 2020
ZH872 C130J RAF various sorties
ZH867 C130J RAF various sorties
95-6711 C130H USAF RCH175 dep 0933ish
95-6712 C130H USAF RCH176 dep 0940ish
59-1450 KC135R USAF RCH850 arr 0847ish
61-0317 KC135R USAF RCH857 arr 1040ish
05-3145 C130J USAF RCH105 arr 1055ish dep 1237ish
G-GLOB BD700 arr 1200ish dep 1256ish
ZH889 C130J RAF RRR138 arr & dep

Wednesday 30 September 2020
ZH872 C130J RAF various sorties
ZH867 C130J RAF various sorties
61-0317 KC135R USAF RCH857 dep 0849ish
59-1450 KC135R USAF RCH850 dep 0915ish
177704 CC177 CFC2571 arr 0040 dep 1908ish
G-JMCU B737-3F NPT037/037P
HB-FXM PC12 PCH547 arr 1203ish dep 1242ish
140113 CP140 CFC arr 2023ish

LX-VCJ B747-8 CLX37B
Last update 01/10/2020 21:10

Disclaimer: most of the above data is taken from SBS Mode-S believe at your own risk.

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Credits this month = PAMG: Pete Smith: Allan Caldwell: Bill Hyslop: Nigel Warner

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