Some Prestwick Airport Movements for April 2002
Last update 30/04/02 23:03

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Monday 1 April 2002
? A310 CFC3435 arr 1210ish

Wednesday 3 April 2002
HB-FSJ PC12? arr 1149
? CFC3436 dep 1338
? B747-4F CLX791 dep 1339

Thursday 4 April 2002
PH-XLL ATR42 AXL arr 1230 dep 1315
N492MC B747-4F GTI607 dep 1100ish
LX-GCV B747-4F CLX779 arr 1335
F-GCBH B747F AFR6453
ZB689 Gazelle stand 6 arr AM?
PH-VMP BE200 dep 1320
N450PA B747-4F PAC602 arr 1630 stand 9
N922FT B747F PAC606 arr 1650 stand 7

Friday 5 April 2002
N340NB A319 NWA9868
1500? A310 CFC3437
ZF??? Tucano RAF LOP20
EC-GQG MD83 JKK3357/8
EC-GOU MD83 JKK3355/6
EC-GVB B737-4 FUA1452
EC-ICN A320 LTE933/2

Saturday 6 April 2002
D-CALM DO228 Parked on Apron G
9V-SFD B747-4F SQC7394

Sunday 7 April 2002
SE-RBP B747 Transjet Sweden SWL1252
N452PA B747-F PAC at terminal
N850FT B747F PAC at hangar
N923FT B747F PAC at hangar
15003 A310 CFC3438
N18SR TBM700
EI-CSM & CSN B737-8`s RYR
290 B707 IAF024 landed 1757 stand 6 nightstop

Monday 8 April 2002
HB-HMA (N519AH) PC7 arr 1244 Apron G
N507MC B747F GTI8808 arr 1240

Tuesday 9 April 2002
? A310 CFC3439 arr 1350ish dep 1500ish

Wednesday 10 April 2002
290 B707 IAF024 arr 1005 Apron F nightstop
N507MC B747F all white with blue tail Apron F

Thursday 11 April 2002
290 B707 IAF024 dep 08??

Friday 12 April 2002
72603 KC135 USAF RAT69 arr 140? apron G nightstop
F-GJVU A320 Volare LTE933 arr 1600ish dep 1710ish
248 B707 IAF arr 1800 stand 6 nightstop
N5TM CL60? arr 1805
N925FT B747F Polar (inside the Polar Hanger)

Saturday 13 April 2002
72603 KC135 USAF RAT69 apron G dep 1907
248 B707 IAF arr 1800 stand 6
N507MC B747F parked northside
9V-SFC B747-4F SIA
40086 C21 training
N452PA B747-4F PAC

Monday 15 April 2002
ZG993 BN2 AAC909 go around at 1600
LX-GCV B747-4F CLX779
N534MC B747F GTI8808

Tuesday 16 April 2002
F-GCBL B747F AFR 6405
LX-SCV B747-4F CLX773 arr 1625 stand 9

Wednesday 17 April 2002
N806FT B747 PAC602
G-OJMB A330-2 JMC332T training
G-BUKA SA227 AAG 257
130344 C130 CFC1502 arr 1550ish apron G nightstop
ZH883 C130J RAF RR5938 arr 1803 apron G nightstop
N950SF DA900 arr 1830ish nightstop
ZH882 C130J RAF nightstop

Friday 19 April 2002
PH-RJB Saab 91B Safir
CS-DNE CE650 "NJE304P" arr 1645ish

Saturday 20 April 2002
VP-CCO CE550 arr 1125ish
9V-SF? B747-4F SIA7394 arr 1435ish
N853FT B747F PAC606 arr 1615ish

Sunday 21 April 2002
? SC5 Belfast HLA nightstop

Tuesday 23 April 2002
HB-FSL PC12 cn 453 on the nosewheel door, all white present at 1330 Apron G
ZD378/26 Harrier RAF present at 1330 Apron G
XX112,XX116,XZ392 Jaguars call sign Cannon 1-3 arrived between 1630 and 1700 parked Apron G

Wednesday 24 April 2002
N159US DC10 NWA44 arr AM LGW div
The following noted at 1700 all nightstopping
On the GRASS near Apron G
G-BIYR Piper PA-18 Super Cub (RNeth AF)R-151(54-2441)
G-AXMN J/5 Autocar
G-AGVG J/1 Autocrat
G-AJAE J/1N Alpha
G-ASZX A.61 Terrier

Apron G
EI-CMV Cessna150
EI-CIN Cessna 150
EI-CHM Cessna 150
EI-FBG Cessna 150

EI-RCG SK61 Irish Coastguard fuel stop
N505MC B747F GTI8836 arr 204? to Polar hangar

Saturday 27 April 2002
9V-SFB B747-4F SQC7394
EC-GOM MD83 JKK3373/4

Sunday 28 April 2002
EC-GBA MD83 JKK3361/2
N920FT B747F PAC608
? C21A HOOK10
N507MC B747-2F GTI945 at Polar hangar
130336 C130 CFC4446 arr 222? nightstop
EC-ICK? A320 IWD3503 arr 2300ish

Monday 29 April 2002
130336 C130 CFC Apron G
EC-ICK A320 Iberworld IWD223/224
G-FCLE B757 JMC Crew training during the afternoon
EI-CSA B737-8 Morning Hahn Flight
EI-CSI B737-8 In during the afternoon
N507MC B747 went into PAC hangar this morning and N505MC B747 was parked outside

Tuesday 30 April 2002
N668AW A320 America West arr 1200 dep 1243

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