Some Prestwick Airport Movements for February 2003
Last update 03/03/03 00:13

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Saturday 1 February 2003
00324 KC135 USAF apron H
10306 KC135 USAF apron H
N492MC B747 GTI603
N920FT B747 PAC608 in (to hangar)
N354MC B747 PAC608 out (from hangar)
746 C130 Greek AF "HAF356A" arr 1810ish nightstop

Sunday 2 February 2003
746 C130 Greek AF "HAF356A" dep AM
N524UP B747 "Reach 844Y" arr 1350ish
50149? BE90 "Argus 44B" arr 1745ish nightstop
G-GSSB? B747 "BAW3593" arr 1750ish

Monday 3 February 2003
HB-FMF PC6T dep 0900
50149? BE90 "Argus 44" dep 0930
G-HUGG LJ35 NEX3A/3B 0735/0810
EI-DMG CE441 1200/1230
G-LGTI B737-3 BAW9257 1230/1430 training
F-GCBF B747F AFR6405 1337/1500
EI-IAW LJ60 EEF007 1435/
N354MC B747 PAC609 1725/
LX-ICV B747F CLX772 1740/ (also on CLX779 earlier)
EI-IAU LJ60 EFF006 1900/

Tuesday 4 February 2003
ER-IBV IL76 "MCC9070" arr 1010 northside
RA-82079 AN124 arr 1034 northside
15002? A310 CFC4496 arr 1700ish
N418MC B747 GTI parked at terminal

Sunday 9 February 2003
ER-IBV? IL76 "MCC9070/1" arr 0935ish dep 1620ish
PH-BTI B737 KLM7452 ex nightstop dep 1600ish
N104WF Ce210
40108 C21 USAF

Tuesday 11 February 2003
N246PR PA46T arr 1245ish
130343 C130 CFC ex nightstop
G-BVVK DHC6 training

Wednesday 12 February 2003
N803MA B727 Miami Air "Reach 656Y" arr AM nightstop
G-GSSA B747-4F

Thursday 13 February 2003
N803MA B727-2 Miami Air BSK505 dep 0819
275 B707 IAF
N492MC B747 GTI601
F-GBOX B747 AFR6453
EC-GZD A320 IWD3523/4
LX-MCV B747 CLX779
N505MC B747 PAC
N499MC B747 PAC410
D-IFAN CE525 arr 2022 dep 2206
N453PA B747 PAC out of hangar for engine runs

Friday 14 February 2003
N802MA B727-2 Miami Air BSK504 arr 1210
N756NA B757-2 North American NAO269 arr 1625

Saturday 15 February 2003
60169? C141 USAF arr 0300ish
N75?NA B757-2 North American NAO1269 arr 1945sh
31682 C9C USAF "SAM5727" arr 2005ish

Tuesday 18 February 2003
HB-FQQ PC12 all white c/n 483 on nosewheel noted at 1330
HB-FQL/N481TC PC12 c/n 481
N? B757 Noth American NAO129 arr 1815ish
N? B747 Evergreen at terminal
ZF203 Tucano LOP02

Wednesday 19 February 2003
G-EZYF B737-3 EZY training 0700-1100 approx
EI-CMS BAe146 training 0900-1000
9G-MK? B747 MKA1601 arr 2030ish
N? B757 NAO1129 arr 2305ish
ZF319,ZF142,ZF135,ZF449,ZF379 Tucanos RAF apron G

Thursday 20 February 2003
N756NA B757-2 North American "NAO1471" arr 10??

Saturday 22 February 2003
Noted between 1445-1515
G-BPND B727-2F Cougar "Nitro NTR975B" stand B9 arr 0650ish
N920FT B747 PAC608 stand B7
LX-LCV B747 CLX775 stand B8
G-RJXE EMB145 BMA9001 training stand A5
G-BMRF B757F DHL "World Express DHK100T" training
? C21 USAF "Hook 10" training

Monday 24 February 2003
XX112,XZ104,XZ377,XZ400 Jaguars arr 1355ish dep 1605ish
N528MC B747
N522MC B747
N492MC B747
N354MC B747
N24837 B747
N752NA B757-2 North American arr 2105 dep 23??
? C141 arr 2135

Tuesday 25 February 2003
N732MA B737-8 Miami Air dep 0950ish
Between 1215-1345
N700AD TBM700 arr 1209
70019? C141 USAF
ZF417 TUCANO RAF "LOP52" arr 1205
N522MC 747 GTI

Wednesday 26 February 2003
ZF168 & ZF487 Tucanos dep 1257
ZF268 & ZF515 Tucanos dep 1301
LX-OCV CLX B747-4 stand B7 dep 1304
N536MC GTI B747-2 Apron 'H' in AZA colours
65-9414 C141 "Reach 5414" arr 1315ish Apron 'F'
N? B7?7 Miami Air "BSK539" arr 2325ish

Thursday 27 February 2003
Noted between 1045-1150
N355MC B747
N359NB A319 NWA9868 arr 1015ish dep 1059
N492MC B747
N536MC B747 AZA
65-9414 C141
31682? C9 SAM5769 arr 1520ish
XX150,XX838,XX846,XX847,XZ107 Jaguars RAF "Vader Formation" arr 1530ish

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