Some Prestwick Airport Movements for Nov 2001
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Saturday 10 November 2001
130314 CC130 CFC
130335 CC130 CFC
N806FT B747-2F PAC608
N379P G5
N518MC B747-2F GTI603
N451PA B747-4F PAC602
XV184 C130 RRR5065
D-ICUR CE551 departed approx 1540
9V-SFE B747-4F SQC7354

Sunday 11 November 2001
N334AT CE210 landed approx 1900

Monday 12 November 2001
? CFC4298 departed approx 1315
? AFR6405 landed approx 1425
LX-KCV B747-4F CLX CLX779 landed approx 1857
N492MC B747 47UF Atlas noted in new colours minus tail logo
and titles, however did carry small titles beside crew door "Operated by
Atlas Air"

Wednesday 14 November 2001
? PAC603 departed approx 1309
N4009L BE350 landed approx 1318
EI-IAW? LJ60 RDK011 landed approx 1520
EI-CIJ  Cessna 340
F-GFMY Ce.F182Q  (F182-0080) Computaplane Ltd, enroute the States
parked Apron G
N379P Gulf V still present on Apron G
N4009L Be.350C (FM-9) Apron G.
85-0152 RC-12K  (FE-6) Apron G.
N409MC  B747-47UF  Alitalia/Atlas Apron H
130313  CC-130E  CAF Apron H CFC2558 landed RW13 approx 0015 ETD 15th?
N494MC  B747-4F
noted at 1530
N923FT B747 PAC
LX-NCV B747 Cargolux
? Merlin NVY533 arr 1453 and hangared by 1530

Thursday 15 November 2001
D-ELEX PA46 landed 140?
N379P G5 landed approx 1430
RA-82042 AN124 VDA871 landed approx 1520
N806FT B747F PAC602 departed approx 1904
G-INTL B747-2F CLX779 landed approx 1912
F-BPVZ  B747-2F AFR6453
N492MC B747-4F GTI607
N67501  BeA36 c/n E-2116  n/stop
F-GFMY Ce182

85-0152 RC-12K  (FE-6) US Army
130313  CC-130E  CAF
N409MC B747-4F AZA

Friday 16 November 2001
Present at 0800 were
85-0152 RC-12 Argus55
  departed 1008 landed again at 1028 (due INS Kit U/S) 
N379P G5
N67501 BE36
F-GFMY CE182 departed approx 0927
130313 CC130 CAF
RA-82042 An124 VDA?
G-SMAF S-76 arrived approx 1000 parked Apron G

N852FT B747F PAC606
LX-NCV B747-4F CLX774

N409MC B747-4 AZA
ZH843 EH101
RA-7165 PA28
CS-01 HS748 Belgian AF AFB609 landed 132?

Saturday 17 November 2001
CS-01 HS748 Belgian AF departed 0945
N379P G5 departed 1045
Around 1300 today
G-RJXG EMB145   BMI BD9001 - circuits
N450PA B747-4F    POLAR
N67501 BE A36
RA-82042 AN124    VDA
130313 CC130    CAF
ZH867 C130    LTW
EI-CJE B737-2     Ryanair 'Jaguar' c/s
EI-CSC B737-8    Ryanair - circuits
G-BVVK  DHC6     Loganair
9V-SFA B747-4F SQ7354 landed 190?

Sunday 18 November 2001
D-CHZF CE550 landed around 1315
ZH843/533 Merlin Royal Navy
G-RVRB PA34 Ravenair
G-BZFP DHC6 crew training
AFR6497 landed approx 1738
PAC608 landed 210?

Monday 19 November 2001
RA4147 CE336 AM/AM
N858FT B747F PAC Reach 323Y landed 101?
LX-GCV B747-4F CLX779 landed 132? departed 144?
RDK11T in the circuit at 1440
F-BPVZ B747F AFR6405 landed 144?
EC-HZU A320 Iberworld IWD223/224
ZH839/539 Merlin Royal Navy
ZH845/535 Merlin Royal Navy,not ZH825 as previously reported
EI-CJE B737-2 Ryanair FR405/078
N421LQ CE4?? landed 145?
RA-82042 AN-124
N202DJ  BE200  arrived 1520
Reach 419Y arrived 1600 stand 7

Tuesday 20 November 2001
N664AW A320 America West arrived 1155
N853FT B747F RCH420Y
LXMCV B747-4F CLX773 landed 214?
Reach 419Y landed 224?
N859FT B747F Polar RCH419Y
ZH867 Hercules C.4  RRR5479
ZH887 Hercules C.5  RRR509 O/SHOOT

Wednesday 21 November 2001
N806FT B747F PAC602 landed 1010
RA-82042 AN-124 departed
Reach 421Y landed 152? departed 2039
Reach 420Y landed 202?
XV303 C130 RAF
N854FT B747F PAC
N859FT B747F PAC

Thursday 22 November 2001
N492MC B747-4F GTI
N920FT B747F PAC Reach 422Y landed approx 1515
LX-ICV B747-4F CLX779
N854FT B747F PAC Reach 421Y

Friday 23 November 2001
N? B747F PAC Reach 321Y departed approx 1340
LX-LCV  B747F  CLX               
N23W CE500 (to apron G)
G-BNMU SD360 LOG/BAW (crew training)

Saturday 24 November 2001
N492MC B747-4F GTI603 landed approx 1040
9V-SFH B747-4F SIA7354 landed 154?
N854FT B747F Polar RHC424Y on bay 9
EC-HBP  MD83  JKK3373 on bay 5
N858FT B747F    Polar    at hanger
G-?       B727   Cougar   on bay 6 (circuit training)
N23W CE500

Sunday 25 November 2001
290 IAF186 landed 141?/ONS
 DC10-10 FDX9066 landed approx 1655/ONS 

Monday 26 November 2001
N537MC  B747F  Atlas colours - parked outside Polar hangar - arived as GTI
917 earlier today
290 B707 Israeli AF IAF186 departed 0930
N1839U  DC-10-10  FDX 9066 (United colours) departed 1200
PH-BDT  B737  KLM7459  crew training
EC-GZD  A320  IWD223
XV236  Nimrod  KIN402  overshoot 1155 to EDI

Tuesday 27 November 2001
10+21 A310 German Air Force 444 go around at approx 0925
G-INTL B747-F CLX779 landed 132?
G-MLJL A330-2 AIH025 to Las Vegas
130313 C130 CFC night stopped until 28th

Wednesday 28 November 2001
? Reach 427Y departed 0845
? CFC1501 departed 1115
2 x RAF Puma callsigns Warlock 1/2

Thursday 29 November 2001
LZ-VEA AN12 Vega Airlines VEA4101 landed 1937 stand 6 then moved to the RW03 taxiway at around 2030 nightstop
F-GCBD B747F AFR6453
RAF E-3 Nato 39 training

Friday 30 November 2001
? RCH429Y departed 0845 to Cairo
LZ-VEA AN12 Vega Airlines
N537MC B747F GTI
? RCH427Y landed 151?

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