Some Prestwick Airport Movements for October 2002
Last update 29/10/02 00:16

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Wednesday 2 October 2002
N363AA B767-3 AAL37 arr 1343 stand 4 tech div nightstop
G-JEAD FK27 RPX3T training
G-GSSA B747-4 BAW3593 arr 1900ish dep 2137
N771AN B777 AAL9606 stand 5 dep as AAL37 at 2158
9G-MKM B747F MKA1601 arr 2218

Thursday 3 October 2002
N588GS DA900 dep 1220ish
Noted at 1630
N363AA B767-3 AAL9610 dep 2343
G-BTXG BAeJ31 HWY31D departed
N806FT B747F PAC apron H

Friday 4 October 2002
LZ-BRA AN12 BRW631 arr 1731 apron B
9G-MKM B747-2F MKA1602 stand 7
N806FT B747-2F PO apron H
N24837 B747-3F PAC410 stand 7
EC-HBZ B737-4 FUA1471/1472 stand 3
EC-ICL A320 JKK3491/3492 stand 9
EC-HVY B737-4 FUA1453/1452 stand 3
EC-HRG A321 JKK3355/3356 stand 4
EC-GOU MD83 JKK3373/3374 stand 5
EC-GOM MD83 JKK3375/3376 stand 11
EC-IAG A320 IWD3501/3502 stand 10

Saturday 5 October 2002
N522MC B747F GTI603 dep 1040
EI-CON B737-2 RYR063 arr 1047
N355MC B747-3F PAC608 arr 1109
C-GBXQ CL215 arr 1120 apron G probable nightstop!
Noted this afternoon
N491MC B747-4F GTI landed RW31 1520 into PAC hangar
N920FT B747-2F PAC came out of Polar Hangar and is
sitting next to N806FT B742 on apron H
? BAW B737 inside the PAC hangar
G-MANH BAeATP BAW training on RW31 dep to GLA
EI-CON B737-2
EI-CJG B737-2
EI-CSR B737-8
EI-CSZ B737-8

Sunday 6 October 2002
15003 A310 CFC3540 arr 0347 dep 0557
TF-ATX B747 ABD779 arr 0531
N508MC B747 GTI8100 arr 0719 dep 1019 as RCH601Y
C-GBXQ CL215 dep 1023
N920FT B747-2 PAC in front of PAC hangar
N806FT B747-2 PAC in front of PAC hangar
N491MC B747-4 GTI pushed out of PAC hangar at 1258
G-GUYS PA34 arr 1202 to apron G
EC-IEN B737-8 FUA1519 arr 1220 Stand 3
EI-CON B737-2 RYR407 arr 1230 Stand 4
EI-CSW B737-8 RYR409 arr 1322 Stand 2
15003 A310 CFC3540 arr 1328 Stand 5
D-CWAY? LJ55 RUS683 arr 2037ish

Monday 7 October 2002
TF-ABA B742 AIR ATLANTA Stand 6 (All white with small blue "Madeira" titles behind cockpit)
DEP 0924 GTI605 B744 N492MC Stand 7
ARR 0933 RYR405 B732 EI-CKP Stand 2
DEP 0955 BSK380 B722 N521DB Stand 5 to EDDS with 50 PAX
ARR 1011 RCH601Y B742 N508MC Stand 7
ARR 1022 RYR063 B732 EI-CJG Stand 3
DEP 1047 J31 G-BRGN BAe
ARR 1056 RYR079D B738 EI-CSS Stand 4
DEP 1101 GTI919 B744 N491MC Apron 'H' to EGSS
ARR 1105 SPAR91 LJ 840086 CCT Trng
G-JEAD FK27 RPX002T training
HB-FQC PC12 c/n 470 dep 1430ish
Noted at 1700
LX-ICV B747-4F CLX stand 6
F-BPVR B747-F AFR stand 9
90004 C32 (B757)1st touch & go at 1943 2nd at 1959 landed at 2010 to apron G nightstop
RYR415 B732 EI-CKP ARR1932
B747-4F N493MC was towed into the PAC hangar at 1930

Tuesday 8 October 2002
ARR 1013 RYR063 B737-2 EI-CKP
DEP 1017 RYR408 B737-2 EI-CJG
ARR 1021 G-BDZU CE421 apron G
ARR 1046 RYR079D B737-8 EI-CSS
DEP 1131 VENUS94 C32A (B757) 90004
? A310 CFC3541 arr 1340ish
Noted at 2045 were
N24837 B747-3
N920FT B747
EI-CSD B737-8 RYR417

Wednesday 9 October 2002
ARR 1200 G-EPTR PA28 to BAe
DEP 1213 GTI607 B747-4 N492MC
ARR 1236 RYR407 B737-2 EI-CJG
DEP 1247 CFC4237 C130 130339
DEP 1257 RAIL18 RC12P 13121
G-BTXG BAeJ31 at BAe
G-SASA EC135 Cct Trng on 03/21 parallel txwy

Thursday 10 October 2002
ARR 1107 G-BAGO CE421 to Northside
ARR 1128 GTI601 B747-4F B7
DEP 1131 AAG258 JS31? to EGBE
noted 1400 to 1430
15003 A310 CFC3542 stand 5
F-GCBL B747F arr RW13 at 1405 stand 9
EC-CJG B737-2
EI-CKR B737-2
EI-CSO B737-8

Friday 11 October 2002
N351NB A319 NWA9868 arr 1018 dep 1100 stand 5
ARR 1555 CLX774 B744 LX-MCV
DEP 1558 RYR064 B737-2 EI-CKP
FUA1454 B737-4 EC-GRX
ARR 1605 N28TE BE58 to apron G
N517MC B747F PAC410
EC-HVY B737 FUA1471/1472 S3
EI-CSF B737-8 RYR417/426 S2
EC-ICL A320 JKK3491/3492 S3
EC-IEP A320 LTE901/900 S11
EC-GVI MD83 JKK3375/3376 S5
EC-GZE A320 IWD3501/3502 S10
EC-HQZ A321 JKK3355/3356 S2
EC-GZD A320 IWD0318/3318 S4
EC-GOM MD83 JKK3373/3374 S5

Saturday 12 October 2002
B747-3 N355MC GTI B747 @ 1404 taxy'd to front of PAC hangar
ARR 1235 GTI8162 B747 N412MC to dep as RCH631Y
ARR 1242 RYR407 B737-2 EICJG
Overflight at 1252 G-BWDO S76B
ARR 1352 RYR774 B737-2 EI-CNZ
DEP 1356 PAC608 B747-3 N24837
ARR 1709 N30TB BE58 dep 1750ish apron G

Sunday 13 October 2002
ARR 1101 N37WC CE401
DEP 1106 N1FY CE421
ARR 1125 EI-CS? RYR814 B737-8 EDI div
ARR 1133 G-MHCB ENSTROM 280 to apron G
ARR 1200 EC-IEN B737-8 FUA1519 to stand B11
ARR 1218 N132LF CE550 to apron G
RYR??? B737-2 EI-CKQ A1
GTI/PAC B747-2 N? A6
XLA8064 B737-8 G-XLAF A5 (Superdrome DIV)
DEP 1327 FUA1520 B737-8 EC-IEN B11
ARR 1335 RYR774 B737-2 EI-CON A4
DEP 1356 RYR412 B737-8 EI-CSX A2
DEP 1402 PAC608 B747-3 N24837 B7
DEP 1409 G-SMDJ AS350 apron G
DEP 1422 RYR775 B737-2 EI-CKP
ARR 1559 PAC604 B747-4 N? B7
313 C130 IAF067 arr 1653 nightstop
N496MC B747-4F GTI/PO PAC604 stand 9
N528MC B747-2F GTI RCH632Y stand 6 dep

Monday 14 October 2002
DEP 1147 ARGUS?? RC12 50153
ARR 1233 RYR? B737-2 EI-CJG
ARR 1237 G-REDB CE310 apron G
ARR 1319 RYR409 B737-8 EI-CSI
ARR 1322 RYR774 B737-7-2 F-GCBK
ARR 1337 HB-FQD PC12 apron G DEP1417
N132LF CE550
ZF143 Tucano RAF nightstop
ZF269 Tucano RAF nightstop
ZF342 Tucano RAF nightstop

Tuesday 15 October 2002
ZF143,ZF269,ZF342 Tucanos all dep between 0920 & 0938
Arr 1427 RYR412 B737-8 EI-CSI (Couple of German flags on Port-side Front)
Dep 1432 RYR775 B737-2 EI-CNT (Vodaphone)
Arr 1516 AAG188T L188 G-LOFE to stand 6 fuel then training
Arr 1555 CLX773 B747-4 LX-MCV
Arr 1616 RYR7803 B737-2 EI-CKS
Arr 1639 RYR7923 B737-8 EI-CSM
Arr 1643 GTI972 B747-2 N517MC White top with grey bottom,To PAC hangar
Arr 1658 RYR413 B737-2 EI-CON
G-SVIP CE421 apron G

Wednesday 16 October 2002
N28TE BE58 dep 1102
G-COEZ A320 All white with MyTravel logo MYT008K training
LZ-SFL AN12 Air Sofia SFB4750/1 dep 1129
G-BZZA B737-3 Buzz
N492MC B747F
EI-CSV B737-8
EI-CKS B737-2
N656JM CE182
? Hawk "Javelin 64" go around at 1635
? B747 BAW3593 dep 2030ish

Thursday 17 October 2002
Arr 1632 RYR413 B737-2 EI-CKS
Dep 1635 HWY31A BAeJ31 G-BTXG
Arr 1650 CLX779 B747-4 LX-PCV
Arr 1652 RYR7923 B737-8 EI-CSJ
Arr 1701 AZI2442 B737 EI-CXE
9G-MKM B747F MKA1602 dep 2120ish

Friday 18 October 2002
N517MC B747-4F Came out of PAC Hangar for a 4 engine ground-idle run, then went back into hangar, but with tail sticking-out
Arr 1435 RYR7823 B737-2 EI-CON
Arr 1442 CLX774 B747-4 LX-TCV
Arr 1445 WTN14 HAWK ZA101 in "AIRFIX Silver" c/s departed again at 1554
Dep 1502 WTN03 HAWK ZJ100 in Blue with BAe systems c/s
Arr 1526 FRA72 DA20 G-FRAK to apron G with the 2 Hawks
Arr 1552 FUA1451 B737-4 EC-HBZ
N210FK CE210 arr 1830ish

Saturday 19 October 2002
Noted between 1100-1300
73-1683 C9 USAF "Venus 83"
84-0081 C21A USAF "Tiger 99"
ZJ100 Hawk Bae Systems
N210FK CE210
EI-CSO B737-8 RYR79D
ZG993 BN2 AAC338

Sunday 20 October 2002
ARR 1749 PAC608 B747-3 N354MC stand B7
ARR 1754 PAC604 B747-4 N450PA stand B8

Monday 21 October 2002
HB-FQB PC12 c/n 469 also carries N469AF apron G arr 1228 dep 1300ish
AFR6405 B747-2 F-BPVR
CLX779 B747-4 LX-NCV
GTI605 B747-4 N492MC
VDA170? AN124 RA-82042 stand B8
between 1345 & 1445
VP-CMS CE560 arr 1805ish

Tuesday 22 October 2002
RA-82046 Volga Dpner AN124A Apron F @ 8.45pm back doors open & crewed.
RA-82042 Volga Dpner AN124A Stand 8 Dep R31 @ 8.47pm (4min engine run at
full power on R31) Departed via New Galloway/Talla/St Abbs.
CLX773 B747-4 LX-MCV (Old Cargolux colours) Stand 6 Dep R31 @ 8.11pm to Lux
PO401 B747-2 N921FT (Still has passenger windows)ARR R31 @ 8.08pm Stand 6
(Both 747's using old Fedex Stand 6 due to AN-124 pushing back to depart from Apron B
RYR424 EI-CNY "Kilkenny" logo jet Dep R13 @ 8.22pm to STD
EI-IAU LJ60 Emerald 006 ARR RW31 to Apron B.@ 8.55pm
C-FHRD HS125 Apron G
G-FRAO DA20 Apron G
N806FT B747-2 Apron H

Wednesday 23 October 2002
N352NB A319 NWA9868
N507MC B747F outside PAC hangar
C-FHRD HS125 departed prior to 1000

Thursday 24 October 2002
G-FRAO DA20 Dep RW13 @ 2.07pm
RYR EI-CKY Ryanair "Kilkenny" logo jet Dep RW13 @ 2.09pm
SWA70 Atlas B747-2 N517MC Dep RW13 to BAH @ 2.11pm
AFR6453 Air France F-GCBE B747-2 Dep RW13 @ 2.13pm
CLX779 Cargolux LX-LCV (Old colours) Still on ground @ 2.45pm
RYR412 Ryanair B737-8 EI-C?? Dep RW13 @ 2.21pm
RYR775 Ryanair B737-2 EI-CKR Dep RW13 @ 2.25pm
RYR7803 Ryanair B737-2 EI-CJH Arr RW13 @ 2.42pm
G-DOCK is now ZS-OTH in PAC hangar G-DOCK still under wings,ZS-OTH on fuselage
Atlas B747 N415MC in PAC hangar also G-BEHU PA34
N354MC B747F PAC410 arr 20??
9G-MKM B747F MKA1602 arr 2110ish

Friday 25 October 2002
84-0083 C21A "Tiger 89"
84-0082 C21A "Tiger 88"
N900WR G4 arr 215?
JKK3491 A320 EC-HXA
FUA1453 B737-4 EC-GVB
LTE903 B757-2 EC-HQX

Saturday 26 October 2002
N353NB A319 NWA9868 arr 1030ish
RA-82074 AN124 VDA apron F
N522MC B747F GTI603
EI-CSW B737-8 RYR079D
CLX791 B747-4 LX-ICV
GTI912 B747-2 N507MC
CLX775 B747-4 LX-GCV
GTI603 B747-2 N522MC
PAC608 B747-2 N921FT

Sunday 27 October 2002
UR-82007 AN124 ADB437F arr 0900ish apron F nightstop
G-YMMF B777-2 BAW274 arr 1010ish
VT-EHQ A300 Air India AIC161 arr 1415ish nightstop Apron G?
N451PA B747-4F PAC
XV202,XV212,XV199 C130s RAF "Startrek formation" arr 1650ish apron G or H all nightstop

Monday 28 October 2002
UR-82008 AN124 arr 1305ish apron B
EI-IAU LJ60 EFF006 arr 143?

Credits = Scotavnet: Ian Hiles: Jasper Brown: Keith Clark: Kenny Nimbley: Steven Williamson: Barry Sims: Campbell Quinn: Derek Thomson: Andrew Caldwell: Fred Seggie: Tom Meikle: Keith Clark: JH: Graham Speirs: Alex Shields: Alan Jackson

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